Rab Processors Limited is one of the leading companies manufacturing and distributing fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), with a wide portfolio of products.

The products include fortified foods including Sunshine Likuni Phala, Sunshine Cream of Maize, and Snow White Ufa Oyera; lifestyle products such as Diva Soap, Diva glycerin and Diva petroleum jelly; as well as beverages such as Vital water and ThumbsUp.

Rab Processors, according to chief executive officer Ahmed Sunka has also recently extended its beverage portfolio with a squash called Fruitila.

“Fruitila, which was launched in December 2019, comes in two flavors — Orange and Pineapple packaged in two litre bottles,” he says.

The company has also extended its health and lifestyle range with Lifestyle Hand Sanitizer, which is very affordable and is providing a cost-effective solution to the nation in time of need.

Besides the manufacturing and distribution of FMCG, Sunka adds that Rab Processors is also engaged in buying agricultural produce from farmers.

It does this through its subsidiary Kulimagold; and in turn provides the nation with farm inputs and basic needs through a chain of 85 outlets nationwide.

Sunka notes that through various promotional initiatives which are compelling Malawian shoppers to purchase Malawi made products as first option, the Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) has helped to strengthen the company’s brands and image.

“This is very good for the country as a whole and need to do more to promote small and medium scale entrepreneurs,” he says.

However, he observes that in order to make the strategy more beneficial to Malawian businesses, the Buy Malawi Strategy secretariat needs to expand its outreach to the masses and grass roots where the consumption of foreign products is high particularly for goods coming from neighboring countries.


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