The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mark Katsonga-Phiri today called on all Malawians to shift their mindset to buying local products and services to create jobs. Speaking at the commemoration of the 7th Buy Malawi Day, at Gateway Mall in Lilongwe, Honorable Katsonga-Phiri commended the private sector’s contribution to advancing the import substitution initiative.

“You have invested and contributed a lot to this import substitution program, and we thank you for that,” Katsonga-Phiri said.

Since 2016, the Buy Malawi Strategy Secretariat has been implementing the communications and marketing plan and has reached out to over 450 companies. Other notable achievements within the period include the MSME order which mandates PPDA to buy at least 40 percent locally produced goods and services from SMEs; Enhancement of BMS and the consequent job creation; Increased uptake of locally made products by hotels and restaurants; Intensive media campaigns which have raised awareness of the BMS and increased sales of locally made products and services.

The theme for this year’s Malawi Day is “Post Covid-19 industrial revitalization through support to local industries”.

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