Chiza Clothing Line provides its services to companies and individuals looking for high quality fabric products.


They are currently supplying worksuits, uniforms, beddings, protective wear and 

anything related to cloth to various companies in the country.


Proprietor Chiza Victor says the clothing line works with local tailors thereby promoting job opportunities for people who would otherwise be jobless.


“We also provide an environment for internship for newly graduated young tailors, accountants and others under Jobs for Youths Project in partnership with Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training Authority (Teveta). This enables them to gain experience and increase their opportunities to get full employment with us or other organisations,” she says.


Apart from making traditional attires for individual customers, Victor says in terms of corporate apparel, they have focused on the hospitality industry supplying uniforms for housekeeping staff and chefs, table cloths, beddings and curtains.


She adds that the Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) has provided a platform for local businesses such as hers to boost advertising for their products.


But one thing that she believes BMS could do better is concentrating on boosting their social media pages for more people to access them.


“The importance of social media cannot be over-emphasised. BMS strategy is good, but they can do better by boosting the pages to reach more people,” Chiza says.


She adds that there is need to organise more market gatherings once in a while where local producers can be making sales.

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