Leading manufacturer and distributor of Chibuku Sorghum beer and Maheu (CPL) has been in business for the past 50 years. Operating across the whole country, Chibuku has five products pack types on offer; Chibuku Shake-Shake, Chibuku Scud (RB), Chibuku in 20L kegs and Chibuku Super (CS) in 1L & 650Ml bottles. Chibuku super is now being offered in different flavours-Regular, Pineapple, Tropical and Choco.

The Business also produces and distributes Super Maheu packed in 500ml & 300ml one-way bottles which come in four different flavors- strawberry, vanilla and milk n’ cream.


Email: info@chibukumw.com; Gloria.zimba@chibukumw.com

Phone: 09991398912 / 0999971064

Facebook: Chibuku Malawi Limited