FDH Bank is a wholly-owned Malawian diversified investments and financial solutions centre with a variety of financial services.

The bank offers retail, corporate and international banking; structured trade finance; treasury management, corporate advisory services and asset finance, among other services.

For the past three years the bank has positioned itself as the leading and innovative digital bank in the country, championing financial inclusion and ease of access and usability through digital banking innovations.

As a home-grown bank, FDH strives to appreciate the needs of Malawians and provide best solutions that suit the local market which aligns well with the Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS).

FDH Bank public relations officer, Lorraine Lusinje, believes the strategy supports the bank’s vision as well as encouraging initiatives that support services and products made or offered within the country.

With Malawi focused on reducing imports and increasing exports as well as creating jobs and growing its economy, Lusinje views BMS as an important catalyst in achieving this.

“The three pillars of the strategy which include enhancing competitiveness of local firms; stimulating local production and promoting industrialisation are critical tools that can accelerate Malawi’s attainment of its development ideals and position herself as a medium-income economy,” she says.

Further, she commends BMS for its significant work in promoting Malawi and its products and services.

“What we need is to support the strategy and work with BMS to enhance its impact in the country. As a homegrown brand, we resonate with BMS and consider it imperative to supporting local initiatives.

“We are also a brand that champions growth and BMS is one important tool for the country. We urge other local and international organisations whose strategies involve bringing development to the country to work with BMS,” Lusinje adds.

However, she says the bank would like to see government providing tax incentives for companies operating in such spaces and assist with a reduced liquidity reserve ratio to free capital to be used for supporting marginalised areas.

With 51 branches across the country, FDH operates in very remote areas of the country to ensure every Malawian can access affordable and convenient financial services.

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