Imani Investments, a Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) Member is contributing to Malawi’s sustainable economic development through an innovative way of curbing deforestation by producing re-usable handle mops, ‘Easy Mop’.

As the rest of the world works on innovative solutions to conserve the environment, Malawian entrepreneurs have joined the cause. Contributing big is not the only way to join in a fight but contributing within individual means and ability is what will bring about the cumulative gains.

“I became very worried when I discovered that households in the urban areas use 3-4 wooden handle mops a year. Malawi’s total population is 17,563,749 and 16% (2,810,200) of these people live in urban areas (2018 Population and Housing Census).” Says Moses Nyirenda, the Managing Director of Imani Investments.

Wooden sticks cut from private and natural forests

Nyirenda argues that If 82% of urbanites use non-reusable handle mops, at least 9.2 million young trees will be destroyed each year to meet the demand for mops. Deforestation is a big issue in the landlocked Malawi and the need to reduce deforestation made Imani Investments venture into making the ‘Easy Mop’ product. Unlike the conventional mop that uses wooden handle, Easy Mop uses a re-usable wooden and plastic handle that lasts more than one year.

Concurring with Imani Investments is Sangwani Phiri, the P.R.O in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining who agrees that the innovative idea of making and selling re-usable Mops should be promoted as it is in line with forestry management as provided for in the amended Forestry act 2017.

“This innovation is a welcome development as the Ministry is promoting several initiatives through the National Forestry Policy. There are several alternatives that Malawians can adopt to ensure using trees in a sustainable manner.” He said.

The ‘Easy Mop’ has received overwhelming response on the market. The mops which are available in all the big Supermarkets in Malawi have also enjoyed international visibility, showcased at the 21st Kenya International Trade Exhibition in Nairobi with participation from over 30 countries. This forum linked Imani Investments to partners, collaborators, suppliers and emerging technology in the mop making industry.

Having ventured in a highly competitive industry, Imani Investments plans to outgrow competition through differentiating themselves.

“A customer-centric approach is what we pride in. we always find out what matters to our customers; price or durability or eco-friendliness or quality product or latest products. From there we produce a product that encompasses all customer needs but still maintain our stance of quality.”

“We want to be known for quality and not just low prices.” Nyirenda says.

The BMS, among others, is working with companies to ensure a stable supply of quality goods and services on the market and change people’s mindset that local is inferior.

The strategy is a Government initiative that aims at moving Malawi from a predominantly importing to an exporting economy which also answers directly to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all and 9; Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.


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