“Be patriotic,” pleads President Mutharika who described as a moment of great Honour when the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism requested him to be the Champion of the Buy Malawi Strategy.

“And I cannot refuse this national duty and honour. I accept.”

Failure to do so, he warns that no one will believe in Malawi products if Malawians who are the owners, cannot believe in them.

He asks: “How can we become an exporting nation if we don’t believe in our products?”

“Today, our national pledge is simple. Buy Malawi! Let us pursue this promise beyond rhetoric. Let us be doers of the word,” President Mutharika calls on all Malawians.

The Malawi President reminds all Malawians for undermining the national confidence for too long and consequently ending up not only crushing the national self-esteem and dignity but breaking the national pride as well.