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Buy Malawi Initiative

BMS Secretariat to Protect Members Against Unfair Trading Practices

The Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) Secretariat on Monday, August 2, 2019 held its first ever BMS member interface meeting with ...
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Buy Malawian Build Malawi Innovation Curbing Deforestation

Imani Investments, a Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) Member is contributing to Malawi’s sustainable economic development through an innovative way of ...
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Buy Malawi Celebrates Women

As the world commemorates 8th March as the International Day of Women to recognize strides women have made in Society, ...
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Linga Fine Foods and Winery go for Quality

Amidst woes of questionable quality of locally produced goods, Linga Fine Foods and Winery, a notable Food Processing company under ...
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Consumer interactions reveal information gap on local products

The Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism has emphasised the need for local manufacturers of goods and providers of services ...
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From 0 to 28 Fully Registered Members

The Buy Malawi Strategy Secretariat has from July to October 2018 conferred certificates to 28 members with over 66 companies ...
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